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Non-Profit Volunteer Stipend Program

As one of the leading not for profit organizations in Downers Grove, the Rotary Club of Downers Grove would like to share with you an exciting revenue-generating opportunity.   Each year, the Rotary Club of Downers Grove relies on volunteers from the community to fill over 300 volunteer shifts.  This is a huge task, made easier when we partner with local not-for- profits to help recruit and secure volunteers.

The Rotary Club gave close to $50,000 back to the community last year in the form of scholarships, direct donations to non-profits and stipend payments to non-profits for volunteer shifts worked at GroveFest. We couldn’t do it without our volunteers and we were pleased to pay out $16,500 to this list of 32 non-profit organizations for 415 volunteer shifts worked at GroveFest!

Here's a list of the groups that benefitted from generous sponsorships and donations within our wonderful community in last year's event:

  • American Wind Band
  • Bishop Fitzgerald Knights of Columbus
  • Boy Scout Troop 181
  • Boy Scout Troop 89
  • Community Adult Day Center
  • Cub Scout Pack 227
  • Cub Scout Pack 57
  • Diveheart
  • DuPage Residents Networking for Change (DRNC)
  • DuPage Pads
  • Everybody Plays at Puffer
  • Faith, Hope and Charity for Animals
  • Family Shelter Services
  • First Congregational United Church of Christ (Youth Group) - 16+ kids
  • Friends for DG Township Senior Citizens
  • Fury Baseball
  • Girl Scout Troop 51378
  • Hope's Front Door
  • Kingsley PTA
  • Knights of Columbus St. John Council 3738
  • PEO Chapter GH
  • People's Resource Center
  • Pierce Downers Heritage Alliance
  • Senior Suburban Orchestra
  • Sinfonietta Bel Canto Chamber Orchestra
  • Take Steps for Crohn's

We would like to invite your organization to earn a $40.00 stipend for each volunteer you recruit to a shift at Rotary GroveFest. This is how it works.

To be eligible, you must:

  1. Sign up in advance and commit to a minimum of five shifts.  The maximum stipend per not for profit is $1000.
  2. Complete and submit the form below
  3. Be a Non-Profit organization based in Downers Grove or serving Downers Grove Residents and be approved by the Rotary GroveFest Committee Chairs (mission is consistent with the work and beliefs of the Rotary Club of Downers Grove).
  4. Invite your staff, friends and volunteers to volunteer at Rotary GroveFest.  Share with them this exciting stipend offer. In your communication piece, you instruct volunteers to a) Register at www.rotarygrovefest.com/volunteer/participation-shifts b) Follow all instructions to select a shift (c) List in the (who recruited you section), the name of your organization
  5. After the event, the Rotary GroveFest Volunteer Committee will tally up the total number of shifts covered by your organization.  A check for $40 per shift will be sent to the address on your registration form (see Step 1).

Thank you for your interest.  Hopefully your role in helping secure amble volunteers will ensure that Rotary GroveFest runs smoothly and remains the Downers Grove “event of the summer.” If you have questions, please feel free to email us at volunteer@rotarygrovefest.org


Rotary GroveFest Volunteer Committee

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